I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to render out a short video I have edited and am having a difficult time. To help I am using a 2009, mac book (leopard) and final cut V5.

The video footage I shot was on a 5D Mark 2 Canon camera, this shoots footage in very high res.

I have always used DVC Pro in the past and I don't edit often so I had all my sequence settings to DVC Pro. Once I realized my mistake, after the video was finished I corrected my error and made my sequence the correct setting for working with this footage. This then unrendered my entire timeline. Now when I try to render the footage, the status bar comes up for a brief moment then vanishes and does not render any footage.

So I searched multiple forums and some mentioned it could be my render settings. Adjusted that and that did not help. Some said to change the RT status in the top left corner of the timeline, also did not help.

I tried to then bring in a new clip into a new sequence I created and added a small transition to get the "red" unrendered notification. That too would not render. I then went back to an old sequence with my DVC pro settings and it rendered normally like it always used to do. There is something in the new settings that is blocking my ability to render out of FC5. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the compressor settings being changed to H.264?

As soon as I did that I could not render or export. When I export it says "codec" error.

My new and correct settings for handling the 5D canon footage is
frame - 1920x1080 - HDTV 1080i
Pixel aspect - square
Field Dominance - none
editing time base - 30
compressor - h264

my old setting which worked fine in rendering but was the wrong settings for this footage was:
frame size -720 x 480 - ntsc DV
pixel aspect - NTSC - CCIR 601
Field Dominance - lower
Compressor DV/DVCpro Ntsc

If anyone can shed some light on this I would really appreciate it. I need a Final Cut guru to help guide me.