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  1. Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post
    But try open the tsv with tsmuxer and see if it reads it. Output a new .ts and try play it.
    i tried using tsmuxer....but its also not adding the file...error is cant detect the stream type...changed the extenstion then tried adding with no result
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  2. please provide some more tricks and tips...i can play the file only in the setop boxes of the same type provided by my cable operator .
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    If cable DVR recordings are truly encrypted, you will need more than just simple tricks to make the recordings portable. Only decrypting such recordings allows you to play them on something other than the box that made them. ...but almost nobody succeeds in breaking actual encryption.

    Your best chance at saving a copy is to buy a capture device and using it to re-record anything that you want to keep as the DVR plays it. If you need to record via HDMI, then you will also need an HDMI splitter that removes HDCP as a side effect.
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