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  1. I've got a DVD made on a DVD recorder of 2 x 30 minute segments. I want to put each of the 2 segments on its own disc without recompressing or transcoding the VOB files.

    Is this possible on a Mac? What software should I use?

    I've already done the first step of using MacTheRipper to get the DVD onto my HD. What's next?
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    Have you looked in macOS in the tools section?

    What I'd do is extract each segment separately into its own video_ts folder. The dvd ripper/extractor should be able to do that either from dvd or hdd. If the one you're using can't do that ... well, I wouldn't be too impressed.

    If you made the recording on a dvd recorder I would think it's already be on mpeg2 format. You shouldn't have to transcode.

    I don't see why you'd have to comress the files if you're only going to put half on another dvd.
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  3. The only thing I know that can do that on a Mac is Toast Platinum.
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  4. Toast would work but is somewhat slow. I have used VisualHub and MPEG2 Works 4 for such tasks in the past.
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  5. You can do it with myDVDEdit.
    This is a link to a sample of this operation, but it's in french:
    A tutorial is available on my web site, that could help you to understand how to do it.
    Not really simple to explain but not so hard to do.
    myDVDEdit, the DVD resource editor.
    myDVDEdit, l'Úditeur de ressources du DVD.
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    This is very easy if you have Toast. You can either rip with MTR or you can just drag and drop your files into a new folder on your desktop. Select Toast's Video Tab setting. Drag the VOBs into Toast and then the next step will be up to you. You can either burn to DVD. Or what I like to do is create a disc image with Toast, mount that disc image, extract with MTR, fix bad sectors with MyDVDEdit, and then burn the new DVD file that is on my computer.
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  7. I used Toast, but around the point where the original VOB files split, it produced jpeg artifacts.

    In the end I joined the VOBs with MPEGStreamclip into one big VOB, put that into TOAST and it seemed to be OK.
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