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    I recently purchased a new HDMI cable. I'm using this to connect my DVD player to the HDMI port on my TV (Sony Bravia 32 in. flat screen). For audio I have a Digital Coax going from my DVD player to my Stereo Receiver. The problem that I am getting now that I never got before is: audio delay. I'm not talking about a sync issue, the sync looks fine. But the problem is this; whenever I click to the next chapter there is a couple seconds of delay until the audio starts - this is particularly annoying with music DVD's where when you click the next chapter and the next song is set to start right away. Also if I pop in a DVD and the menu comes up, there's a couple second delay until the audio starts there as well. Not sure why an HDMI cable would affect the audio as I'm using a separate audio hook-up with my Digital coax cable from my DVD player to my stereo receiver. Again, I never got this problem until I hooked up this new HDMI cable. Any help on how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. This sounds like the result of an auto-mute function, check the manuals for the TV and receiver for any mention of that. It does seem odd that replacing a cable would suddenly enable auto-mute. HDMI 1.3 added audio control features, if the new cable, the TV and player support HDMI 1.3 or above, it's likely the reason of the new behaviour.

    You can verify this by putting the old cable back on. A solution is to disable the CEC function in the player, but you will lose the ability to automatically turn on the TV and select the correct port when you power the player.

    You might be able to keep everything as is by having the audio come out of the TV to the receiver. It's best if you can do it through HDMI (does your receiver have HDMI ports?), but you could also use a digital audio out, if the TV has it. You would need to set the digital audio to RAW or pass through in the TV.
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