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  1. I have been creating subtitles with my favourite subtitler, Aegisub, and embedding them with ConvertXtoDVD, when converting my AVIs to DVD. But ConvertX supports only SRT files (without artifact): if I use the ASS format in ConcertX--adding effects like fade in, colored text, etc.--the commands (artifact) for such effects also appear in the subtitles, which is unacceptable.

    Does Adobe Premiere let you hard-encode subs in the ASS format that permits use of effects, which file I could then convert to DVD with ConvertX? Maybe there is another option someone could recommend.
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    You could use virtualdub with vsfilter plugin instead. The subs will be hardcoded in the image.
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  3. If I hardcode the subs with VD then again encode with ConvertX to burn to DVD media, will the additional amount of encoding result in noticable loss of video quality?
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  4. If you encode in lossless format like Lagarith, UT Video or Huffyuv with VD it's only a noticable amout of time you need but (nearly) no quality loss.
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  5. Thanks. I have Huffyuv.
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    Lagarith will give you a huge file!! oopps Huffuv for that matter as well. You can shrink them nicely with h264vfw codec for virtualdub. You will have to read to get the settings correct. It also demands a nice CPU! I upgraded to a Quad core for the H264 encoding. My dual core e8200 wolfdale would only run at 3 to 8 fps, my new cpu q8400 encodes from 8 to 14, and even faster if I lower the settings. I use very high quality compression settings.

    You can also just use auto Gordian knot, with either xvid or divx 5.??. I use the divx that comes for free with the
    gordian knot, not AUTOgk, setup. Auto gk runs a compression test and pics best factor for your wanted filesize.
    I used regular gordian knot and would get squares all over when things went fast. Never with Auto GK. And even
    the Divx gave very nice quality.

    Of course the H264vfw is the best. i am not concerned with "compliant" encoding so h264vfw dosen't scare me
    like it scares the people at Doom9!!! Bluray players wont play it back if you give it too many frame
    references, or other factors. I don't care, my PC plays them all!!! Whatever the settings.
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