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  1. I currently have a Sony HT-SF2300 AV Receiver that has worked wonderfully for me up until today, when I was tinkering with settings to get XBMC to output 5.1 channel FLAC to it.

    It's hooked up to a Sony KDL-40W4100 via HDMI, and was previously set to output audio through both the receiver and the TV at the same time. As such, I couldn't use anything except Dolby Digital or DTS for audio sources. This did let me use my Turtle Beach x41 headset though, which is set up to output from the TV via optical. Now since I've found out that I can disable the audio output to my TV, I get full LPCM surround sound from my blurays and my FLAC encoded rips via XBMC. But since there's no audio going to my TV anymore, my turtle beach doesn't work.

    Does anybody know of a receiver that can handle the lossless codecs, like DTS-MA, TrueHD, and LPCM while having a simultanious output connection to something like my Turtle Beach for times when I want to listen without the speakers?
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  2. FWIW, it would be nice to have support for optical to my headphones, but they do support RCA L/R analog connections too.
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  3. Or better yet, even.... are there any wireless headphones anybody knows of that can process lossless as well? I've only heard of headphones that do Dolby, not even DTS.
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