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  1. I bought this unit in order to see my cable channels on my kitchen
    Led TV. It works just fine....but, one thing puzzles me...when all
    cables are connected as they should be, I can only see it on my
    kitchen TV, not on my Samsung 55'' LCD TV, unless I unplug it from the
    splitter. Now that is a pain to always plug and unplug it, depending
    on what TV I want to watch. Does anyone know how I can avoid this
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    It is all about achieving and maintaining an HDCP handshake from cable box to monitor. Formally, an HDMI splitter would support only one HDCP connection at a time.

    PS: I use a DTA to feed various secondary TV sets (kitchen, garage, etc) through an RF splitter but this results in standard def on channel 4 with all TV sets sharing the same channel. The cable company would prefer you rent a second cable box for the kitchen.
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  3. You need an active HDMI splitter for HDCP protected sources.
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  4. Thanks to all...the company is going to send me a replacement with HDCP.
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