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  1. I am using Arcsoft to capture VHS home movies to my computer. I then plan on burning them to DVD in MPEG2 format.

    When capturing video, it stops at points stating that it cannot continue copying as video is copyright protected??? These are home videos.

    Any ideas. I need help. Thanks.

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    I've seen Sony videos do that, and video written to a standalone Sony DVD recorder. Have you checked the Arcsoft forum?

  3. I am checking on that. thanks.

  4. No help on Arcsoft, someone else posted the same question with no responses.

  5. It's false Macrovision detection. One way Macrovision works is by screwing around with the sync signals. Small sync problems on home tapes can sometimes trigger the Macrovision detection built into capture and recording devices. A video "clarifier" might help. A full frame TBC should also work.

  6. I am a true novice here. Can you explain video clarifier or a full frame tbc?

  7. We need more info, what hardware are you using to capture?

  8. Diamond Video VC 500

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    You might also try a different vcr for playback. Wouldn't hurt to try until you get a hold of a tbc.

    Edit - there is a glossary on this website - link is on the top left of the page:,%20TBC
    Donatello - The Shredder? Michelangelo - Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw?

  10. Here's a video how to use the card with Arcsoft, the author is also tech support for Diamond Video:

    My guess is it's the VCR you are using, as was mentioned borrow one from a friend or neighbor.

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    I was thinking trying another vcr too. The way vhs copy protection worked was that part of the signal waveform was lowered slightly in level ... the sync part of the signal.

    Then, if you tried to copy from one vcr to another, with the inevitable slight signal loss you'd lose picture sync.

    Problem was, if you had an old vcr with worn heads you'd get the same effect in normal play.

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