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  1. Hey guys, as you may notice I'm new to tgis forum, but I seriously need some help with ffmpegx. I heard many great things about it and i decided to try it out. I got all the necessary files, but whenever I try to use my "MacOSX login password" it tells me it failed to register in its 3 attempts and that the "installation was not successful." Am I doing something wrong? I never had a a login password, and I got so angry I got a nosebleed. So I made myself a master password, and still no luck. When I click 'cancel' it shows the application, and i guess i'm able to use it, but I wan't to do it right with no errors.

    Can someon tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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    The installer for ffmpegX needs to do some stuff which uses the sudo command in the background.
    Use of the sudo command requires a non-blank password of the current user with admin privileges.
    (If you have a blank password, then set a password in System Preferences>Users & Groups (or Accounts), at least for the duration of installation.)
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