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    I'm about to buy a new one with the latest Ivy Bridge i7 Intel processor

    There is models with HD+ resolution : 1600x900

    And Full HD : 1900x1080

    I have no experience with small screens, doesn't a Full HD look very small in a 15.6" screens ? or should I go to Full HD ?

    I want to see movies and use it for all multimedia tasks, not games, and I also prefer 15.6" screens as portability is important for me

    I want to use it at native resolution all the time

    I see models with 17" with HD+, and 15.6" at full hd

    what do you think about this ?
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    There is no 1600x900 media so the display would always be scaled. 1920x1080 allows pixel by pixel mapping.
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  3. What edDV said and the 17inch if you are not going to carry it around too much.
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