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  1. Apologies If this post has been answered on numerous occasions but I havenít had time to browse through the forum. I am currently using Free make dvd converter to convert all my movie to iPad 3 so I can watch them on of course the iPad and Apple TV. The problem Iím having is that it takes on average about 30-40 minutes per movie. I understand this could be just down to my laptops performance. Are there any better ones out there that are quicker? I still want the high quality picture Iím getting with Freemake and how easy to use it is. I have used Handbrake before and that was taking up to an hour to convert. Any help would be greatÖ

    My laptop specs are; ASUS Intel corei3 Series A52F
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    30-40 minutes is quick. Live with it.
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  3. Converting video is a chore for the PC to complete especially with "high quality picture". Laptops generally are not best suited for the task, either. So like DB83 says.
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