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  1. Hi,

    I've been using MeGUI for a while but only recently realized that adding sub files during the encoding process results in a hardsubbed video. Is there a way to add the sub during the MeGUI encoding process that allows softsubs.

    I know that MKVToolnix can easily import the sub files but I thought I could save a step if its possible through the MeGUI encoder.
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    You could always use the built in mkvmux, tools->muxer->mkvmuxer. BUt I don't think you can do it automatically.
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  3. Thanx, I didn't even know that MeGUI had this fuction but MKVToolnix does the same thing anyway and has more muxing options.

    I would consider using it if MeGUI had added the muxing option into the scripting so that I could batch encode. Unfortunately it is only usable once the encoding is completed and there is no way to batch this function either.
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