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  1. Hey guys,

    I currently use fraps to record streams from Sopcast but I need the ability to record 2 streams at the same time. Preferably, I'd be able to record both streams from sopcast, since their streams are good quality.

    Now I don't know if you can even play 2 streams in sopcast simultaneously, let alone record both.

    Maybe I could record one stream from a normal flash player, and simultaneously record one from sopcast. Unfortunately the flash player streams aren't as good quality.

    I have a high end PC so I don't think performance would be an issue - i5 2500k, 8GB Ram, Radeon 6950 2GB.

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  2. Doesn't SopCast have a "record" button?

    You should be able to open a second window by disabling Option -> Allow only one instance
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  3. interesting. I didn't know about the record button nor the "allow more than 1 instance". I will try this out when I get home.

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  4. Ok, so I loaded up 2 streams at the same time in sopcast, and hit record. But I can't playback the rendered file, except sometimes in windows media player. It's strange - it uses .asf format, but I can rarely play the file properly. I don't think sopcast is a good recording tool.

    Anyone know if dxtory can record 2 streams at the same time?
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  5. alright so I found a program called WMRecorder and according to the site it can record multiple video streams at the same time:

    Unique Advanced Features

    As you get to know WM Recorder, you'll appreciate these unique benefits:
    • Automatic Recording
    • Schedule live stream recording.
    • Video and Audio File Converterfree with purchase!
    • Turbo Recording - record streams at up to 10x speed.
    • Record password protected videos.
    • Record at the highest quality.
    • Works with slow dial-up connections.
    • Record multiple streams at once.
    • Resume recordings.
    • Split and merge recordings with the included Converter.
    • Watch commercial free from some popular TV/Movie sites.
    • Preview, pause and rewind live streams.
    • Automatically reconnect for recording on-demand broadcasts.
    • Includes the handy Loopback application to record more sites..
    • And more!
    Can I record multiple streams simultaneously?

    Yes. WM Recorder allows up to 200 entries to be queued up for recording. The actual number of simultaneous recordings depends on your connection bandwidth. A cable connection usually supports 10 to 20 simultaneous connections. For example, YouTube videos are streamed at approx. 500 kbps. With a cable connection of 10 Mps bandwidth you can record 20 videos simultaneously. Some
    web site don’t allow more than two simultaneous downloads.

    Anyone tried this program before?
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  6. Even if WM Recorder worked with p2p tv I think it would capture the asf stream like SopCast, you could try to repair the files with Asfbin. I'm also guessing they might get corrupt if your upload speed can't keep up with your download speed, especially when you're watching more than one stream at the time.
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