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  1. I live in the KC area and have Surewest as my ISP. Most people that I see posting videos online that they've cultivated from their dvr have Motorolas. We currently have a Cisco Explorer 8652HDC. Does anyone have any info that could help me remove content from it using firewire or whatnot? The helpline and Cisco's website say you can't, but my guess is that that's all their allowed to say to avoid copywrite scandals. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Is this some kind of DVR device? Typically Hollywood makes all the DVR manufacturers encrypt what they record specifically to prevent what you are talking about. Since I've never heard of your unit probably the only option you have is to connect the video outputs from it into a recording device of some type (DVD recorder, PC video capture card) and record in real time as you play the video.

    The helpline and Cisco's website are most likely telling you the truth. Again, Hollywood makes them do that. The vast majority of Americans have no desire ever to save any TV recordings so there's been no consumer pushback over this. Certainly there are consumers who do care a lot about this, but there just aren't enough of them.
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