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  1. I'd like to unlock PD9012/17, but I found only 9012/37 ....
    I was wondering if someone has succesfully unlocked 9012/17 ???
    Please, help !
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    This is a portable. The odds are against you ever unlocking it. Specialty players, which includes portables, car units, combo players (TV/DVD, DVD/VCR), have always been incredibly difficult to impossible to unlock. Some years ago it was just about impossible to find any player that Philips made, including portables, that could not be unlocked. Unfortunately Philips has given in and while they do still produce players that can be unlocked (although officially the company denies it), particularly in North America they produce fewer unlockable players now then they did in the past. You may have to risk the 9012/37 instructions. They may or may not work and in a worst case they could even brick your player.
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