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  1. hello guys! i have some question
    I used wm recorder 14.10.1 for downloading streaming videos from , but it seems like changed their video player a week ago, so wm recorder can't find any streaming media there, wmr 14.10.3 can't help either.
    please recommend some new software for that purpose (except software for capturing a screen)
    thanks a lot!
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    You can also try URLsnooper, StreamTransport, XVST, or VDownloader.
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  3. thanks! HiDownload works fine for me
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  4. hello again!
    i'm still missing some working software for grabbing videos from, as HiDownload stopped working when changed their videoplayer.
    any new cool software?)
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  5. Banned
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    Try RTMPExplorer. I would be furious if I paid $40 for HiDownload and it doesn't work for me any more. Well, I am assuming you paid. It's trialware and I don't know what restrictions, if any, are on it.

    If you want to get complete shows you can sometimes find these on various Bit Torrent sites. Or you could buy something like Replay Video Catcher which should work fine on NBC's streams.
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  6. I used a trial version of HiDownload, and it had only limited time usage.
    RTMPExplorer still doesn't work for me. I'm trying to download some The Voice videos from . Can you please try to download some of them? Maybe that program will work on your pc? And so I know that it's program not working only on my computer)
    And as I mentioned, I need some The Voice videos, that can't be found anywhere but

    Thank you jman98 for quick reply!
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  7. Try RTMPdump helper

    (RTMPexplorer doesn't work for me either)
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