I have a problem with Video Mastering Works 5. I used TVMW to encode a file from avi to bluray 25. After the encode the audio is choppy. The video looks fine and has no stuttering and the audio syncs correctly to video, ie words match the movement of peoples mouth. It sounds like there are dropouts every second or less. Like someone hitting the mute button on and off.

The video started as 1280x720P avi, with 2 channel stereo audio 48khz. It was captured using a BlackMagic Intensity Pro. The total file size is 772gb. There are no problems with the audio in the source file.

I chose the default settings in TVMW for a 25gb Bluray disc.
Video: mpeg-4 avc, ntsc, 1280x720, progressive, 59.94 fps
Audio: dolby digital, 48000hz, stereo, 256kbps

Format Type BDMV - MPEG-4 AVC
Performance Normal

My system is a Intel Core i7 880 @3.07ghz, 8gb Ram, 64bit Windows 7. I use a pair of WD 1tb Velociraptors in RAID0 on 6gbs SATA.

Any ideas on what is causing the audio dropouts?

Thank you.