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  1. Hi, i am going nuts figuring this problem out. I have used camstudio, debut video capture, fraps and a couple more of screen capturing software. But no matter which codec i select or what settings i select , the recording goes fine but the playback video lags, drops frame every second, it looks as if i am viewing the video on a 10year old computer that cannot play avi files.

    Some other facts :

    1. I have a quad core 3 ghz cpu with 4 gb ddr2 ram.
    2. All applications tested on vista 64bit
    3. Doesnt matter what i m recording, same problem occurs.
    4. I have k-lite and a couple more codecs installed still no luck - however a couple of native/loseless codecs do produce smooth videos but their file size is huge

    Some questions.

    Can ram be the culprit, i had problems with ram, bsod etc some months ago but now my system works great, i can view HD videos, play games etc all without any lag.

    Please suggest me whats wrong or should i try some other application. One of my biggest requirement is - Over the air compression that is as soon as i stop recording, the file should be created on my desktop and the recording application should be ready for the next recording within a second.

    All replies will be appreciated . Thanks!
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    Be more specific about codec and settings you are using.

    First issue: You should be recording to a different drive than the OS drive preferably a second internal SATA drive. Some formats may require this "second drive" to be a RAID.

    Second issue: Make sure the application disk cache is also on an a different drive from the OS drive.

    Third Issue: Start small and build up. In this case it is counter intuitive. For real time encoding, start with high bit rates (but not more than your second drive can handle). Get that working, then increase compression until the CPU maxes out. Back off to an acceptable safety factor.

    Can ram be the culprit?
    It can. Follow the advice of the application. Usually "enough is enough".
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    Some ideas:

    - Try other software like DXTORY or ACTION! (search in videohelp for all)
    - Reduce resolution record. If your Pc record 1680x1050, set record to to 1280x720 or 960x540.
    - Select other HD different drive from the OS drive (edDV tip above).
    - Select BASIC THEME when record (minus resources used and freeup videocard memory)
    - Pause/Close Antivirus
    - Turn off all other softwares.

    Try and reply.

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