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    3 Days ago was in a rush to get out to work.

    Was burning a CD-R at 24x in my Pioneer DVD Writer Nero Burning ROM.

    Got to 64% then BANG!!!!!!! my fans roared up to their max and DVD Drive died.

    Anyway come back from business today been excited ti find out what the problem was!

    Of course i left the PC unplugged during my work trip.

    Took writero ut of PC and all i can hear is rattle, rattle, rattle.

    Flakes of CD spilling out of it.

    How common is this and what the HELL would have caused it?

    Scared the crap out of me.

    Thanks people.
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  2. I've seen that happen, but not during writing. The usual cause is tiny cracks around the hole from over-bending the disc when taking it out its case. With today's cheap discs being so thin, it's possible that just a tiny nick on the edge could propagate and crack the disc. Check out the wiki.

    When I took the drive apart, it was full of plastic bits and metal flakes. I used compressed air to blow everything off (being careful with the laser). Plugged it back into the PC and it worked fine.
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