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  1. Hey, I just released a teaser video for my game. But I'm not too happy with the video quality here. The game is retro-styled, so the actual screens are only 300 by 225 pixels. Seems like with such a low resolution I should be able to get a better quality here, but then again, I've never used video editing software before.

    Visit our site to see the video and screenshot or follow the links below


    Video on YouTube

    As you can see the video looks muddy compared to the screenshot.

    I'm recording the game using Fraps and editing the video using AVS Video Editor. I've tried producing it as an avi, mpg, and swf but the quality does not seem to improve.

    Maybe this is as good as it's going to get, or maybe there is something I don't know about video editing. Or maybe there is a special technique that should be applied to small sprites like the kind used in my game.

    I notice that if I want to resize sprites in photoshop I need to use "nearest neighbor" to preserve hard edges instead of "bilinear" that I typically use.

    Any help will be appreciated. In any event, thanks for taking a look at my upcoming game.
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    300x225 isn't a common resolution for video. The closest thing YouTube recommends for pros is 240p, which has 426x240 resolution and a 1.775 aspect ratio. I do not post on YouTube, but if nobody with more experience with preparing video for YouTube comes up with a better solution, try capturing your video in a 426x240 window. You might also try capturing in a 320x240 window and upload that, which may work better for mobile device users.

    You could try a different screen capture program. Mirillis Action! is a new one that some members here like.
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    i'd agree with usually_quiet pick an acceptable frame size and use the highest bitrate feasable. 320x240, 480x360, 640x480 are the best for small screen sizes so youtube doesn't have to re-size and re-encode. almost all encoders need sizes divisible by 4. 300x225 is just wrong for video. if you could capture at 1920x1080p you'd get a higher quality end product video on youtube.
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  4. The screen shot shows a 540x400 image in a slightly larger frame. I downloaded the 640x480 Youtube video and and found a similar shot. It had a 480x360 image in the 640x480 frame. Downsizing the 540x400 screen shot to 480x360 yielded approximately the same image quality as the youtube video. If you're going to use a 640x480 frame why not leave the video 540x400 and just pad out the borders? That way you can avoid any resizing. The Youtube video and your screen cap encoded with x264 as indicated:

    Click image for larger version

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  5. Wow, thanks for all your help guys! I'm working on a new trailer soon and I will try implementing your suggestions. I'll let you know how it all goes, thanks!
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