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  1. I carefully set my brighness and contrast levels in AvsPmod but when I view my final video on my PC it looks brighter than what it did in AvsPmod. It seems to be the contrast that looks different. Is this normal?

    Is there any way I can set the AvsPmod program's contrast to a lower amount without changing the brightness of the video? That way the video in AvsPmod and the output video will look the same and I won't get any surprises in the finished video.

    Is there any alternative to AvsPmod that doesn't have that brightness problem?
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  2. Avsp render the video as is so the problem is elsewhere i say

    what player, encoder and graphic card do you use
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  3. I watch the finished video in the VideoRedo editor. I also watched it on my TV's bluray player. Graphics card is Sapphire Radeon HD 4550. Both look a little brighter than in AvsPmod.
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  4. OK but how would that account for the finished video looking brighter on my PC in VideoRedo than it did on AvsPmod? Both programs are on my PC so surely whatever change I make to my graphics card will effect both programs and 1 will still look brighter than the other!
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  5. Different editors/players use different output devices. There are two basic ways of displaying video under Windows, Windows GDI and video overlay. They have separate proc amp controls.
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  6. The only options I see in VideoRedo are for "Use Video Card YUV Acceleration" yes or no. And the following Video Drivers:


    I tried them all and the video still looks brighter in VideoRedo than it does in AvsPmod. How can I change options in AvsPmod? Or how can I make both programs use the same output you mentioned suchas Windows GDI or video overlay?
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  7. You usually can't force programs (except media players) to use a specific output device. Adjust your graphics card's video proc amp so that it matches the rec.601 YUV to RGB conversion that most programs use when they use Windows GDI.

    And don't use Quicktime to view, decompress, or process anything. It screws up levels.
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  8. What do you mean by "video proc amp". Are you just talking about the software that comes with my graphics card? I've got Catalyst Control Centre.
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  9. The setup applet for your graphics card has two video proc amps. One for the desktop, the other for video. It's very common for the video proc amp to be set wrong on a new install or when updating graphics drivers. Adjust the video proc amp so that it delivers the correct levels. I can't give you exact instruction on where to find the video proc amp controls because they vary with different graphics cards and driver versions.

    Here are the video proc amp controls from CCC on one of my computers:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	vid.jpg
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    The Desktop controls are separate:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	deskt.jpg
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ID:	12105

    The location appearance of the controls may be different with different versions of CCC.
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  10. Could you please tell me where I'm supposed to go to change the vdieo proc amp setting as I'm confused. Do I do it in Catalyst Contro Centre?
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  11. Originally Posted by holygamer View Post
    Could you please tell me where I'm supposed to go to change the vdieo proc amp setting as I'm confused. Do I do it in Catalyst Contro Centre?
    Yes, in CCC. Avspmod appears to use a rec.601 matrix to convert YUV video to RGB for display (at least for standard definition sources). You want to adjust your graphics cards video proc amp so that it looks the same.

    Actually, what you want to do first is adjust your monitor with an RGB bitmap and make sure you can differentiate almost all of the 256 gray levels (most monitors will have a little trouble with the darkest shades). Then adjust the video proc amp so that video appears correctly on the display. As per the link I gave earlier.
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  12. I've got VideoRedo open and AvsPmod open side by side. The finished video in VideoRedo looks brighter than the original video in AvsPmod. So in CCC I changed the contrast in the Video setting but that doesn't change the contrast in AvsPmod or VideoRedo it justs changes it for videos playing in Windows Media Player.

    The Desktop Properties section just changes the contrast for everything. How do I change the contrast for just VideoRedo or AvsPmod?
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  13. I don't know how VideoRedo converts video YUV to RGB for display. From your description, it's not using video overlay. Unless it has some settings that let you control it's YUV to RGB conversion you're out of luck.

    As noted, AvsPmod uses a standard rec.601 matrix. You could manually add tweaks to the AVS script to make AvsPmod's output match VideoRedo. But you'd have to do that with every script. And the result would be wrong.

    Can you post a screen cap of the two programs displaying my levels video side by side?
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