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  1. what i want to to is capture text from a website (such as movie info, biography's, or a 10 chapter story, ect) burn onto a cd or dvd add be able to read it like a book on my dvd player

    so 2 questions-
    1. how do i download and save the text to my hdd? do i convert and burn the text and make it playable using the forward and back arrow keys?

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  2. This is a big ask. There is no direct method of simply displaying a text file on a DVD player. The methods involved in building a DVD capable of displaying static screens, as a book, with forward/back buttons would fill a book.

    DVD slideshow GUI can do it (with a lot of work).
    You will have to copy web page text then paste it as an text overlay onto an image template you have created, then export it as a slide (as jpg, png or bmp). To do this you will need a graphics program which will handle text (OpenOffice 'Draw' will do). Download DVD Slideshow GUI program, go to the help section and see entry 'Export to DVD Menus'. In order to achieve your ask you will need to master this program AND this: GUI for dvdauthor.

    Like I said, no easy task.

    A simpler method, since most DVD players have the ability to generate their own slideshows from a folder of images, is to make a master template, create slides with text in an image editor, export them to a folder and burn it on/as a data CD/DVD.
    Make sure you export your slides in a format compatible with your DVD player (usually JPG, PNG and BMP).
    Just start the slideshow and use the pause, zoom and scroll keys to view the image(s).
    Forward and back keys should let you step through the images in the folder.

    You could also just screen capture areas of the web pages and use these as your slideshow images.

    I am not aware of any single program which can do what you require.
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