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  1. How can I record Online Stream where server uses Wowza Media Server 2 , actually it is streaming as *.ISMV and *.ISMA file which are fragmented MPEG-4 files with for smooth streaming , I tried to use WM recorder but it doesnot capture link in any mode,
    I tried HiDownload but while sniffing it capture each and every fragment as different URL and doesnot record.

    Do any one has Idea How can I record MP4 streaming which used Wowza Media Server

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    Can you play it in vlc? Then record with it.

    And I'm moving you to our streaming section. This section is about analog capturing.
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  3. Thank for your reply but as I said there is no single stream URL when I use HiDownload Sniffing it just load tons and tons of URL with .ismv and .isma extension , there should some another way or recorder who just capture first stream and try to append entire data and this is Live Streaming..

    Guys if you have any advice please shoot..
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