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  1. For a while I've had the idea of starting a competition to create a graphical user interface for AviSynth. Software entries would be judged by a group of volunteers and the winner would receive a cash prize. Would anyone be interested in starting something like this?

    Edit: oops, I posted something like this last year. Should I let this topic be closed and bring up the old one or should I just stick with this post?
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  2. What should this gui do? I mean we are speaking of a scripting language, that at least in theory could do a lot.

    If you got money to spare better try to find some developers that are willing to extend one of the existing guis,...
    (like AvsP, AvsPmod, Avisynth Studio, AvsFilm Cutter, there are probably more out there,.. iirc Blender also has some Avisnyth support and a lot of encoding GUIs are using Avisynth and have some sort of Avisynth integration)
    otherwise you might end up with just a bunch of mockups like the celluloid project, because this isn't something that you can just write in a few weeks in you spare time if want to do it at least some what proper.

    Cu Selur
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  3. AviSynth Studio looked interesting to me. Unfortunately I don't have any cash.

    Edit: well, it was discontinued. But it's based on VB.NET, which looks like an easy language.
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