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  1. Hi

    If I choose "Make Your Own DVD-Video" and choose at the end "Write to Hard Disk Folder" and then in the result I choose "Nero Recode" on a DVD blank, will the DVD work in a "DVD Player set on a TV"?
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    Problems could be:
    1) You made a PAL DVD and your player only supports NTSC DVD or possibly vice-versa.
    2) The player may be fussy and not like your media.

    For best results we recommend burning only with ImgBurn (it's free) and using either Verbatim (NOT their Life series of disc, but anything else is OK) or Taiyo Yuden DVDs. You will likely have to buy those discs online from resellers like or (assuming you live in the USA or Canada).
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  3. Hello jman

    Just a question, TV runs PAL or NTFS or NTSC? Dont know the NTFS from NTSC
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  4. If you choose "Make Your Own DVD-Video" in smart start menu, you must have pre-recorded video material available to put on that disk (from a camcorder or a DVD you want tp backup and modify). If you only want to backup a DVD, choose the first or second option in the Recode menu.

    If you choose to write to hard disk folder in Recode, then you must use DVD burning software to put the result onto a blank DVD. In your case you would use Nero Burning ROM (or Nero Express) and select the DVD video template.

    The easiest is to select your DVD burner as the target in Recode (instead of a disk drive folder). There will be 3 check boxes on the page after you click next, put a check mark in all but the top one (never burn on the fly).
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    Originally Posted by doopopmercury
    TV runs PAL or NTFS or NTSC? Dont know the NTFS from NTSC
    Basically the Americas are NTSC (not sure about South America so please correct me if I'm wrong) and Europe and the other nations of the world are PAL - Edit - there is something called se-cam or some such like that but I am not sure what its usage is - please forgive my ignorance as I don't mean to offend by ignoring anyones territory I am just more fluent in the differences between pal and ntsc. There is region coding as well for dvd. Bluray region coding is different however.

    NTFS is a harddrive format for Windows and linux. Can't tell you what it stands for but it is the successor to fat32 - file allocation table I believe again not for sure on the acronym - google it to find out.

    Edit - ah our glossary here at videohelp had info on secam:

    Séquential Couleur Avec Mémoire/Sequential Color with Memory. A composite color standard similar to PAL (image format 4:3, 625 lines, 50 Hz and 6 Mhz video bandwidth), but currently used only as a transmission standard in France and a few other countries. Video is produced using the 625/50 PAL standard and is then transcoded to SECAM by the player or transmitter.

    There you have it. -
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