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    I normally use Handbreak to make a m4v file, but sometimes its not working for the dvd movie and its making a 1080p (full screen) source to a letter format.
    So im looking for another software to do this.

    I then tryed iMedia converter from iSkysoft looks nice but then i found this info

    Can someone help me with a great software to rip/convert a dvd/bd to mp4/m4v in maybe 1080p or where i can get a better resolution then handbreak and where i can hardcode the subs to the movie !?
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    DVD is 480 (640x480 in NTSC parts of the world), not 1080 so anything you do will still not give you 1080p from a DVD. However, in Handbrake, you may specify any resolution you wish (not just what it recommends) so go ahead and set a larger frame size; use the Preview window to see your results. Do remember, however, that a larger frame size will necessitate a higher bitrate in order to "feed" that many pixels. Give it a shot and see what happens.

    And, yes, iSkysoft is one of the names used by a company that makes cr@pware for both Macs and PCs under a number of different company names and they simply alter the app name and app window widgets to make it appear these are different apps from different companies.
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