Hi everybody

I managed to create a separate batchfile for each different audio-routing scenario that I can run at my conveniŽnt time, simultaneously or not. Googling around I also created a "kill all" batch for ending all audiorepeaters. The command-line of it looks like this:

taskkill /im "audiorepeater.exe"

This batch ends all running audiorepeaters of all started batches. This can be usefull, yes.

But I realized I also want separate batchfiles for ending a separate scenario that I started in the case that multiple routings are running. In the system-tray the repeaters are all the same and can be quite numerous; one batchfile can run a lot of repeaters for one routing scenario. Multiple batchfiles will add more and more. In taskmanager all audiorepeaters.exe files are the same too.

Does anyone know how to create a batchfile that ends only those repeaters that one specific scenario-batch started running? Up front, I take it I have to start creating the separate start-batches in a different way.

Thanks in advance