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  1. Hello to everybody,

    I am trying to burn Blu Ray discs with Nero or other software and play them with PlayStation3 but i have a big problem...I have sound but the picture is very zoomed and i cant see the movie...
    Specifically i convert mkv movies with srt with TSmuxer to BDMV Certificate type and burn that folder with Nero ( i tryed bluray UDF, BDMV video, AVCHD video burn ) but i have same problem...I tried also other burn software and other converter software but the result is same...
    What am i doing wrong ???How can i play mkv movies to PS3 ???
    I have to say that when i burn downloaded from internet BDMV Certificate movies (without converting), it plays right..
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    Your mkv is probably not in 1920x1080. You could try reconvert with something like avchdcoder or bdtoavchd.

    Or try stream with ps3 media server.
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  3. Thank you...i will try them..
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  4. I found where the problem was..I had to download the latest codec package ( K-lite ) to my computer..

    I want to burn 3 movies ( BDMV-Certificate ) to 1 blu ray disc ( BD-R 50 GB )...How can i do this with nero ????
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