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  1. I'm trying to make some death counter overlays for a project i'm working on for my youtube channel for a minecraft project. But i don't know how to render without having to have a black back ground there.

    The death counters are the players minecraft characters walking on screen, then dieing with a number next to their avatar to show how many times they have died, like Haat Films do in their videos: in this one @15.37 to see what im on about. I have made one of these animations albeit worse ones for each of the the characters taking part in my series. IS there any way that i can render them out of after effects without the black background so i can use them in Sony Vegas? or is it impossible and i may aswell just render the whole videos out in After effects, although Vegas is better for sound and long pieces of editing?

    Any help would be much appreciated

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  2. just realised i've managed to post this in the wrong part of the forums D: how do i delete it?
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    You can click "report" and ask to have it moved to the appropriate forum.
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