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  1. I have a cheap USB capture device I bought off a Chinese store called EasyCAP DC60+. I installed it a while ago on my wife's laptop, which is running 32-bit Windows 7, and I don't remember how exactly I installed the driver, but the device is identified in the device manager as STK1150, and it works very well.

    I recently got an HTPC, and I want to move the capture there. I initially installed 64-bit Windows 7, but the driver I found had a problem with the colours. I then installed 32-bit Windows 7 and installed drivers off the CD, but the device now appears as STK1160, and if I set it to PAL (the signal I'm capturing) it cuts off the top and bottom of the picture, and if I set it to NTSC it adds some noise at the top and a blue line to the right.

    I can't seem to manage to install the driver in a way which will work as well as my previous install, and I can't find a place to download a driver which might work better. I'd appreciate help with that.

    Edit: I tried two drivers available here, the ones date 23rd of August 2011 and the ones marked "new" but when I plug the device I'm told there's no driver.
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    It's a cheap knock-off of the real one. They are VERY difficult to get to work from what I've read.
    The real one is here:
    ...but I doubt this link will help you at all.
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