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  1. This is a very minor thing... a non-issue really, but it's enough to get under my skin. I'd like to know how to "correct" if if I can.

    I encode various DVDs and Blu-Rays using Vidcoder to both mkv and mp4 formats - usually 1080p with full features to mkv, and 720p to mp4 with limited features (for use on portable devices). While using XBMC, I notice that it claims that the mkv files are H.264, while the mp4 videos are AVC1. I'd like to know why this is. They're both encoded with the same application and most of the same settings, with the only difference being the container and the video resolution.

    Is there a way to make them all say H.264?
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    XBMC probably just reports different for different containers...go to the xbmc site and search in the forum.
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