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    Hello there

    I have this friends who owns a panasonic HDC-TM700 and would like to import the video files to his pc, i recommended to use the sofware that came with his cam, which is what i do, only difference is, i use PMB and when i import the HD files to my pc i only get one large file, instead of those chunk files "00001"...

    My friend is using "HD Writer AE" but all he gets in the end is the same chunks as he were copying the m2ts files from the cam to the hdd...

    is this normal?

    shouldn't he get a large file just like pmb would do?

    thanks in advance
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  2. so when you shoot a video, say 15 minutes long, your file is dropped to the pc hdd as 1 single file, but your friends file will get chopped into small chunks that need joining back up once they are on the hdd.

    depending on the software, there should be an import option somewhere that can be set to dump wach individual file that was shot as sinle files.

    so, if you took the cam out and filmed 5 different scenes, you should be able to import each of those as separate files, not have them joined as a single file as they are dumped to the hdd.
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    take the memory card out of the camcorder - put it into a card reader and plug it into the computer - copy the files on it (drag and drop ) into the computer .. Then you can try any software for scene splitting or editing in safety . You will find lots of useful applications on the web . I am sure you will find something that you like.
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  4. thats ok if your shooting on the external card, as i was going to suggest this myself, however i have a feeling he might be talking about the files that are on the internal 32gb flash memory, it cant be removed.
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    hey guys, thanks for your opinions, im glad to say my friend has find a solution, this is what he did using vegas:

    Start up Vegas and load the Device Explorer (View -> Device Explorer). Then plug in your camera in your laptop/computer.
    At the left you should see that your camera is added. Click it and the files on it will apear at the right.

    Now before you import the video, click the Device Properties button. Here you can choose where Vegas will save your files.

    When your done selecting this, right mouse click the file you want and choose "Import and Add to Project...".

    It took me 17 minutes to import a 15.5 GB video (~86 minutes show).
    When it's done you can go to the folder you selected before at Device Properties.
    You should see 2 files there: your video (.mts in my case) and a .sfk0 file.
    The .sfk0 file is for Vegas. When you import files in Vegas, you'll notice it's building peaks for your video. The .sfk0 file saves these so it doesn't have to do build peaks every time you import the files.

    Anyway, as you notice, the video isn't multiple 4 GB files anymore but 1 long, large video.

    As we can see in the timeline in Vegas, no audio is lost.

    somebody else also mentioned to use "tsmuxerGUI" to join multiple 4gb file together, this works great if you don't use vegas and if all files are part of the same video.

    in my personal case, i've always used PMB to import my files

    and my friend's cam has an HDD so he can't get it out...

    anyhow, the simplest way for me to deal with this if you don't use vegas is to use tsmuxer instead, what you need to remember is that if you copy the "0000" files from your MC or HDD straight to your HD you will loose a small portion of audio at the end of every file, but if you import/join your files using any of these methods you won't loose a thing.
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  6. I had the same problem, so i called our local Panasonic Technics (Tel -Aviv, Israel, and was instructed to use HD writer AE 5.0.
    It worked!!
    You have to download the scenes to the PC first (it takes lot of time so be patient. I left the camera attached to the computer the whole night as I had lot of scenes).
    Then you go to edit and join up to 300 scenes, saving the project and the file at the end.
    If you want to join the whole film, you can rejoin the files you saved (hierarchically).
    I preferred to keep shorter files and give them significant names so I'll be able later to locate quickly specific views I want to see.
    Good luck
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