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    I have this .nrg file extension video downloaded from Graboid site and needed to convert it to a 3GP file. The converters used by me are MediAvatar HD Video Converter, Any Video Converter, and Full Video Converter. While the converted 3GP file playbacks its video content perfectly on my Dell Studio 1558, system as well as my Nokia E71, the audio does not playback at all. Incidentally, this has not happened with any of the other conversions that I have done with files downloaded from the same site and using the same converters.
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    NRG is a file extension for a Nero Disc Image (look it up). What you should do is:

    1. Get ISOBuster and open up the discimage in it.
    2. Extract/Rip from the discimage to your hard drive.

    You will then have some sort of video file/folder structure. What kind will depend, you don't know until you've done those 1st 2 things.
    Then get back to us if you're unsure of how to proceed from there...

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    You may need to use a tool like MediaInfo to see what format the audio is in after the conversion, if it's there at all. With a .nrg (Nero container format), you may have to mount the original file with a program like Daemon Tools and see if MediaInfo can read that. Not sure if MediaInfo can read anything inside a .nrg container, though.

    And welcome to our forums.
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