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  1. I'm trying to capture vhs tapes using a Hauppauge 150 and VirtualDub, but the only compression codec I have in the list in virtualdub is "(No recompression: HCW2) , which would be fine with me except when I capture video using that the resulting video cannot be properly read by VLC or VirtualDub (both complain with an error about it).

    So I figure I'm supposed to install Huffyuv, or even better Huffyuv multi-threaded. But when I download huffyuv multithreaded all there is in there is a dll and I don't know what to do with that.

    Some places they say install it by right clicking the inf file, but there is no inf file.

    2nd question: Should I capture to huffyuv or just uncompressed avi? And if the answer is uncompressed avi, how do I get virtualdub to do that (and have it create a usable avi file)

    I have already done a lot of reading, and read guides and watched videos and also googled around, however, all the information I have found assumes too much, so I don't know what to do.

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    just get the regular 32 or 64 bit version for your o.s./encoder. it will have an inf. reboot after install and it should show up if you got the right one.
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  3. Ok I got the 32 bit huffyuv and installed it with the inf and rebooted.

    Now when I go into VirtualDub capture mode and go to the menu Video -> Compression, I expected to see huffyuv but I don't.

    All I see is 2 entries:
    (No recompression: HCW2)
    Xfire Video Codec

    I'm not sure what to do now?
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  4. Under 64 bit Windows the 32 bit and 64 bit video systems are separate. 64 bit programs require 64 bit codecs. 32 bit codecs. 32 bit programs require 32 bit codecs.

    If you're running 32 bit programs on 64 bit windows you need a special install procedure for 32 bit huffyuv:
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  5. I'm running 32 bit windows and I installed the 32 bit huffyuv
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  6. Try installing from an account with admin privileges?
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  7. It did. Is there a way to check if it's installed (other than from inside virtual dub)
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  8. I installed VirtualDubMod, and it does have the huffyuv option but VirtualDub continues to not have it. But that's ok, the problem is solved since it is available in VirtualDubMod.
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  9. That's weird. VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod have always show exactly the same codecs on my computers.
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