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    Trying to find a workable means of editing h264 video with minimal re-encoding. I've had to abandon SolveigMM Video Splitter due to its extreme instability, and that would seem to limit my options to VideoRedo.

    So my problem now is that it doesn't seem to like any common or intuitable form of h264 video. So far, I've had the following rejected:

    MKV, made by MakeMKV, containing h264, two DTS tracks, chapters etc. It specifically disliked the audio.
    H264, raw, extracted from the above MKV by mkvextract. No specific reason given.
    MKV containing only the h264, created by MMG. No specific reason given.
    MP4 containing only the h264, created by mp4muxer. No specific reason given.

    Software that's still in beta will have quirks. I get it. The first quirk with this software would appear to be a severe and exacting file format compatibility, whose specifics are as-yet undiscovered by me. So hopefully somebody knows.
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  2. most tools are ment to cut transport streams,... (with ac3, mp3, mpa, aac in it, since these are the formats normally broadcasted via tv)
    if you just want to cut ts-doctor might be a solution.

    If you want such a tool you could hire someone to write a frame accurate cutting (I guess that is what you want) tool that can handle mkv.
    My guess is that it would require someone a bit fit in c++ and knowledgeable in video editing to write such an application in around 2 weeks.
    main steps would be:
    1. analyse content (mediainfo + mkvinfo): get formats and key frame positions (2 days)
    2. small gui to preview and set cut points (i.e. using trolltechs qt) (1 days)
    3. create a bunch of cutting deleting, conversion ranges and calls for different tools (1 1/2 week)
    - mkvmerge to split the content (new --split parts:.. comes in handy here)
    - delaycut to cut the audio
    - ffmpeg/libav + audio encoder to reencode parts of the raw streams
    - avisynth + ffmpeg source + x264 to reencode parts of the video stream (a bit tricky if you want to optimize the x264 settings)
    4. mux and merge the content using mkvmerge (1 day)
    -> if you write it in your free time it's probably a tool on can write in a few month,..

    Cu Selur

    Ps.: If someone feels like having a go at it I still have somewhere some basic proof-of-concept code (basic video only handling) that is doing this,.. wrote it a month ago or so if someone is interested: (no it's not really documented, but the code is really no magic at all and should be easy to understand)
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  3. I have used it with H.264/AC3 .WTV HDTV Recordings from Windows Media Center, and it does a fair job.

    It can be a little quirky with some recordings, but converting any problem files using quick stream copy to a H.264/AC3 .M2TS transport stream before editing usually fixes the problem.
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  4. If i'm not wrong Videoredo TVSuite won't open a file containing dts or mp3 sound, or files containing no sound. And it won't open raw h264 files.

    You'll have to convert the audio to something like ac3, aac or mp2
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    >>to abandon SolveigMM Video Splitter due to its extreme instability
    Could you please let us know what exactly is wrong? Thnanks in advance!
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