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    My Hauppauge card has an HD coax cable in jack.
    I currently have cable from my wall being split to my cable box and my computer's internet.
    - Can I split it a 3rd time to go into my Hauppauge TV tuner card and get full HD channels?
    - Will it give me the same channels as I get on my HD RCN DVR box?
    - Will there be any demonstrable lessening of quality either on the tv or computer?
    - If I only go to the PC instead of the cable box, is there any way to send the signal from my computer to my HDTV? (Assume it's close enough)

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    1. You CAN split it a 3rd time, but there may be some degradation in the signal. Also it's impossible to say if you'll get full HD or not until you try it and see. You may only get some HD channels such as local ones.
    2. The chance of you getting the same channels as your HD RCN DVR box is extremely low. You will very likely get a lot less channels with this method.
    3. It is quite possible that the quality will be lower.
    4. Unless your card has a TV out connector, the only way I can think of to do this would be to plug the HDTV into your PC and use it as a monitor.
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  3. You'll probably only get a few digital cable channels via unencrypted QAM (what your Hauppauge device can get from the coax input). Just your local broadcast channels and a few others like CSPAN and a shopping channel or two. If your cable company still puts out an analog signal you can tune almost all of those (if the Hauppauge device includes an analog cable tuner).
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