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  1. Morning:

    Didn't know where to post this one, never seen this before...

    I downloaded a WMV9 video that is actually three WMV9 videos combined (the same video with descending video quality)...

    I only want to keep one of the files...

    Is there any freeware out there that can extract the audio and video tracks for me?


    I've attached the .nfo file
    Image Attached Files
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Yep, asfbin!
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  3. Thanks for your input mate...

    Any chance that you have used this software and have a user guide for it?

    Why do people create software and not include documentation that you will need to use it?

    Bloody hell

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  4. Why do people create software and not include documentation that you will need to use it?
    mainly because people that create free software most of the time do it for free in their free time and they have to either write code or write a guide. Then people who write code often are not really good at writing guides and if a tool is too hard for everybody to figure out, it would be probably possible for others to write a guide.
    That aside, I suspect (hard to tell without a sample file) that ffmpeg can be used for the remux, also Microsoft Expression Encoder (even the free version) should be able to do it, if you are not aiming to end up with a wmv container, gdsmux, mkvmerge and a bunch of other tools will work,.. it might even be possible with vlc.

    Cu Selur
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  5. Thanks Gents:

    ASFBinWin did the trick...

    Ran it from a USB stick no muss no fuss...

    Kinda strange that I could open the original file with Media Player Classic in Win 7 but it would not play back the extracted file with either an asf or wmv extension (said it couldn't render the file)...

    Checked preferences and all formats were checked off...

    After transcoding to avi the file plays fine - weird

    Thanks for your help - appreciate it

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    mpchc uses external codec packs, which can be problematic. Try vlc or smplayer (I prefer the latter). They do all that stuff internally.
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  7. Actually I tried opening up the ASFBinWin file that I extracted (which wouldn't open with MPC) with VLC in Linux and it would play the video but there was no audio...

    The same file (prior to extraction) opened all three videos at the same time in VLC...

    Transcoding cured it, just very weird behaviour...


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