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  1. I've been using DVDStyler to create a DVD using pre-converted DVD ready MPEG-2 files. My original issue was that they wouldn't seek properly, but that's not that big of a deal since you can still fast forward (when played back on Xbox 360). You can't seem to rewind though (jumps back to beginning).

    To combat this problem, I wanted to set chapters every 3 minutes. So I have the string "3:00,6:00,9:00,12:00,15:00,18:00" in the Chapters box for each of the videos in DVDStyler.

    The problem is, the chapters don't seem to work when you play the finished DVD back. VLC and WMP don't budge when you press the 'next chapter' button. The Xbox doesn't do anything either.

    What's going on?

    --On a side note, DVDStyler seems to be outputting 64 kbps audio for the menu. What's up with that?

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