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  1. Hello good people of VideoHelp.
    I've been looking all through this site but have found all kinds of different answers to my question.

    This is why I need you guys/girls to help me out.

    I would like to stream 4 cams over the internet. Quality is not an issue, but delays are.
    With delay I mean the delay someone would witniss if they wave their hand in front of the cam and they see themself waving 1 second later on the computer.
    These 4 cams are all located in the same location.
    And I would like people to view each individual stream on a website through flash player.

    I don't think I have the hardware to do this (please correct me if I'm wrong)
    I have the following hardware:
    Windows XP, duocore 2.4 ghz, 2 GB ram, Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra sli.

    So to sum up I have the following requirement:
    4 cams, 4 streams.
    Flash player
    < 1 sec delay

    I'll take anything as a possible solution, including using analog cctv camera's and using a capture card or using IP cams.
    To the codecs and software used.

    But I would really like to use the H 264 codec because flash player can handle them these days.

    Anywayz! Hope I provided you guys with enough information to help me out.
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    The problem is (and it's a BIG one), without being able to guarantee end-to-end consistent and beyond minimum bandwidth, it is IMPOSSIBLE to guarantee such a minimal cumulative system delay.

    Pros get around this by using dedicated/closed-circuit systems.

    Have you even tested your webcams & capture chain to see what the source delay is? I suggest videoing a clock with a Second hand and then separately videoing the comparison of input vs. output and seeing the difference in the position of the Second hand.

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  3. I am also interested in streaming multiple cameras output.
    Have you managed to find out how?
    1. which program are you using to stream all the different output to the same location (server)
    2. what do you use to read the different output
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