Short Request
Can someone tell me what DLNA/UPnP media streaming device is out there that would play like the PS3 or is it at least as easy to learn? I just want to be able to boot it up and find the DLNA Server icon/Name on the home screen or under a "Video/Movie" tab, and maintain the playlists and artwork that I assigned in Mezzmo.

I have been using a PS3 to stream all of my local media from my PC to my living room Tv for the last two years. I want to dump the PS3 in favor of a media streaming device like a Western Digital Live or Boxee Box. I have spent hours setting up my DLNA library and playlists complete with metadata and art. My six year old can plop down in front of the tv, turn on the PS3 and TV, scroll to the "Video" category on the PS3's crossbar, choose the "Mezzmo" icon and pick a movie or show out from the poster art. Many of the more popular (frequently watched) programs are stored on the PS3's HDD and she can access those by just scrolling a little further down from the same crossbar. Easy, simple, complete.

Now, I did a little homework and thought I'd pick up a Pivos AIOS media streaming device. It supports all of the standard media types and I saw some great screenshots of what people had gotten it to do (Jukebox, Shortcuts, etc.). Impressed, I picked one up for $90 and brought it home thinking it should be simple, too. Well, I can't even get comfortable running the thing, let alone my 6 year old. Good luck teaching her to use the file manager to choose "UPnP" and scroll to Mezzmo and find a bunch of titles with no art. If I want the art, I guess I can teach her to go to the Network icon, choose the correct Workgroup, find the correct PC, ignore the system folders, choose the folder titles and browse the file system and if she gets to the right place, maybe she can recognize some of the files that have the .jpg named according to the video file name and I just hope she knows to choose the video file and not the .jpg or she'll be just confused. Etc., etc., etc........

The PS3 can't possibly be the only device with a simple interface. Someone out there has to be using something, right? I don't need a device to track down and scrape for artwork and data. I don't need a bunch of useless apps.

In a perfect world, I would turn it on and my DLNA Server's folders/playlists would be right there, complete with artwork for my family to browse. Local storage is a nice perk, but not necessary.

Is anyone using something even close to this simple? Thanks for ANY input, I'm very frustrated.