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  1. I'm wanting to join (stitch) together multiple .mov files but not have to transcode. All the files are in the same format and do not need transcoding/compressing again, just joining.

    Is there a way to do this in MpegStreamclip? I've tried to do a batch list selecting 'join all the files' but can't seem to get it so no transcoding takes place. Am I missing something? Or is there any other software/codecs that can do this?

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  2. Sorry, totally dumb of me! Just select 'Save As'.
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  3. I did this with MPEG Streamclip, simply open, select all, copy, open the second, go to the end and paste then register with name.
    Also, with QT7, open one file, select all, copy, open second, go to the end of the timeline then paste. Save/register with name as a indipendent movie, or as a reference if need to work on it again.
    Hope this help... someone.
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