I've had a search through previous posts and couldn't find an answer to my problem, apologies if this is the wrong part to post in.

I'm using a Canon XA10, Win7 64bit, 8GB, i7, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560Ti, Sony Vegas Pro 10.

If I hook my camera up to my TV or monitor for watching the files they playback fine. However if I import them (manually copying the files from my camera to a folder) on my PC and want to play them in a media player the playback is jerky and the quality isn't as good as I've seen it is. I've tried VLC, Windows Media Player, BS.Player and end up with the same thing. The video is a simple slow pan from left to right of a room. When (on my PC) the camera's panning the image suffers, but when its static its as I'd expect it to be.

I've also tried rendering them into other formats (mov, avi) through Sony Vegas and I get the same result.

My drivers have been updated too.

Any help appreciated.