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  1. I'm happy using XMediaRecode for correcting poorly encoded video files, but it pauses after the first file when attempting to recode a batch of files. So if I initiate a recode of group of files before going to bed, in the morning only one file is recoded and I must click on "Resume" to process the next one. Can anyone recommend freeware that will recode a group of files without the pesky interruption?
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    From what to what?

    CLI or GUI, or either?

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  3. Hybrid, can do batch processing and has a job queue,.. there's a batch processing extension for MeGui, StaxRip, Ripbot can do batch processing,.. in short there are a lot of tools that can do batch processing,.. it's mainly a choice of gui preference and on what you really want to convert from to.
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  4. I prefer GUI.

    My current project is recoding a bunch of AVIs with DAR of 1.33:1 but should be 1.37:1. I'm also boosting the volume a couple of dBs as many encoders like to attenuate the audio to an almost inaudible level. Disabling the multithread option in XMedia Recode is something I might try; but since XMedia crashes if you try to add or remove a file from the job list (it works if you start afresh and don't make any changes to the list), I'm ready to try something that is more stable. The developer of XMediaRecode is inaccessible, so I can't bring the problems to his attention.
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