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    Hi. I have this DVD with only two buttons (in the main menu), each for setting a language track. I would like these buttons to make a subtitle selection (thereīs only 1) in addition to select audio.

    Presently actions taken:

    BUTTON 1 pressed --> selects audio 1
    BUTTON 2 pressed --> selects audio 2

    Aimed actions:

    BUTTON 1 pressed --> selects audio 1 AND turns off the subtitle
    BUTTON 2 pressed --> selects audio 2 AND turns on the subtitle

    ** Solutions preferrably with DVDRemake (or PGCEdit)

    ** Present button commands on DVDRemake are:
    BUTTON 1 pressed --> R[0]=0; LinkTailPGC (highlight button 1)
    BUTTON 2 pressed --> R[0]=1; LinkTailPGC (highlight button 1)

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  2. That can be done with PGCedit, but since every DVD structure is different, we can't just give you a generic command to do it. Basically, you load your DVD in PGCedit, then turn on trace mode and follow the commands step by step until you find which PGC has the audio and sub selection commands (usually a set SPRM, but there may be some GPRM commands associated too), copy them to new dummy PGC's and change the calling command for the buttons. You can also modify the existing PGC's, or any number of other ways, it's all up to you. Take the time to figure it out, you'll be glad and impressed with what you can do. Also, did you notice the box marked similar threads at the bottom of the page?
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