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  1. All this is as may be. Although different firmware can sometimes add some capabilities to a player. How often have we read about people applying Brazilian or Australian or hacked firmware to their players? But if a reviewer (listed as being in the USA) doesn't provide such specifics, and the US manual doesn't say it can play DivX/AVI...well, I guess you must discount that review.

    Nevertheless, it doesn't make jman wrong about DVD-RWs. Neither as to how they work nor why they're a bad choice for archiving.
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  2. Originally Posted by gll99 View Post
    I don't have a horse in this race so I'm trying to help but it seems you were mislead by the vendor or something you read.

    I researched this product after reading the previous comments and came to the same conclusion that this player will not play divx, xvid or generic mpeg4 avi. You can easily google the reviews on this player and none say it will play divx. I could only find one facebook ad where a lady says she bought one for her boyfriend at Christmas and it played divx. No other comment or description on any review site substantiates this anywhere. Since it is not uncommon for people to comment on the wrong product when adding a review I would say it is in error.

    Whoever added this player to the VH site player list also did not indicate that this one played divx.

    Unfortunately the conclusion is that your dvdrw discs are probably fine it's just that the player can't handle the file format. If you can return this player because the salesclerk misinformed you then I would advise you do so.

    Just to add. The same comment from the lady who bought one for her boyfriend is duplicated on Amazon as well as the Facebook ad.

    See comment....Good quality player, May 9, 2011

    See first review: " I bought this DVD player as a Christmas gift...."

    Just shows how errors get carried forward by different sites who just re-quote the same reviews without checking. This is very common so you really have to research your product well.
    Thank you.
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