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  1. I am new to your forum and would appreciate some help with DVD shrink.

    I have been using DVD shrink for many years on XP with two drives, but I now have Windows 7 and single drive.

    My hope is that you can advise me how to use DVD shrink on a single drive. I open the the disk in my drive and then choose backup, but I am not sure what to do after that as previous it would list both of my drives - going from one to another.

    I am sorry to ask a basic thing but I can not find a any info on this.

    Thank you in advance.

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  2. My advice would be to send it to the hdd as an iso file then burn it with IngBurn.
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  3. Thanks for your help
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    Best thing to do when you select backup is to write files to a seperate folder on the hard drive, then use imgburn to burn a dvd of that folder.
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  5. Hi

    If I do that - would I still be able to put it on to a disk and watch on my DVD player as the original film.

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  6. Yes to either way you do it. My way or rbivi's way will create a dvd that is playable on a standard player.
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  7. Your both a star - thanks for your help
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    I know its an additional step or 2, but I find that decrypting with DVDDecrypter/DVDFabHDDecrypter/AnyDVD and ripping to harddrive, as ISO then shrinking (if need be) with DVDShrink/DVDRemake to a new ISO, then burning with Imgburn, will get me the best quality with the most features, at the near exact size I desire and consistently high quality burns -every time. Have not been disappointed in years and I have a collection (legal) in the 1000s.

    And it doesn't require more than 1 drive (even though I have multiples).

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  9. Hi Scott

    Thanks for the help - I have now got my first copy all ok and all works well.

    Have a good weekend
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