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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am new to this forum. I have been working on a few projects lately. I am shooting with a SONY HXR-NX5U and am editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Suite.

    I started a project and tried to export it to my computer. Once I did, the quality changed and the video appeared smaller than what I saw in the editing program. I just want it to come out clear and big like it should so it can play on a projector or large LCD monitor.

    I know it is probably a simple little step I missed. I attached my project to this post so you all can take a try at it. I just want to know how to export it so it can be played on an LCD screen and not be so small and low quality.

    Can someone try to open this on their computer and try to compress it so it comes out clear? Then let me know what you did? Thanks!

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  3. Thanks man! Great advice! It works now.
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