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  1. Which GUI program can to MKV file (H264 video, AC3 or DTS audio) convert audio only, using the Nero AAC Codec, a video to be a (direct stream copy).
    A similar feature exists in the PopCorn MKV AudioConverter, but does not function using Nero AAC Codec in the output file,
    greeting ...
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  2. xvid4psp, megui

    or you can convert the audio with neroaac (many to GUI's choose from) and add it in with mkvtoolnix
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  3. thank you for your prompt response...
    I tested a lot of programs that take Nero AAC Codec: megui,MediaCoder,xrecode,AudioCoder...
    So far, my favorite LameXP, but I would not like to use later use MKVToolnix.Thank you very much for your suggestions
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  4. One reason for using MKVToolNix (at least these days) is because all lossy encoders add a small amount of delay to the beginning of the encoded audio. In the case of AAC the amount of delay should be written to the m4a file. MKVToolNix version 5.3.0 onwards takes the "padding" into account when muxing the AAC audio. It's only a small delay, usually around 50ms, but why not get it correct if you can? Unless conversion programs use the latest MKVToolNix "behind the scenes" when converting, chances are they don't compensate for the small amount of extra blank audio at the beginning.

    Foobar2000 is an audio player but it's also a good converter. Once it's installed you use the convert function, choose AAC (you can setup various presets). The first time it'll ask for the location of NeroAAC. Then open the MKV with MKVToolnix, deselect the original audio, add the AAC/M4A audio and save it as a new MKV. I know when converting with foobar2000 the audio "padding" is written to the m4a file correctly, although chances are it's actually the Nero encoder which saves that information.

    Alternatively, use a conversion program which lets you copy the video and convert the audio. Most will only do it the other way around, but there's some which will copy a video stream. ffcoder is, I think, one of them. I vaguely remember RipBot and HDConvertToX will also copy the video stream, but I'm not 100% sure.
    Or there's "one click" type programs such as FormatFactory, AnyVideoConverter, Super etc. I'm fairly sure all of them have the ability to copy the video while converting the audio.
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  5. thank you for your comprehensive response
    I noticed that mkvtoolnix is because all losses encoders add a small amount of delay of the beginning of the encoded audio.I mainly do mkv movies(x264,AAC)of the middle class so that this lack can usually pass.Of course,I agree with your opinion...

    I have tested a lot of programs that use Nero AAC Codec.Most of them have very poor function of the codec settings.As I already wrote a lot of solid LameXP encoder.He knows that is wrong with 5.1 and multi-channel audio.

    I now use the excellent XMedia Recode converts audio and video copies.Of course,he does not use the Nero AAC Codec.Perhaps the only drawback is no choice of AAC profilesLC-AAC,HE-AAC,HE-AACv2,CT-AAC+)but still uses LC-AAC profile.Anyway,as I mentioned XMedia Recode is very reliable in operation,it is very important to me.

    I will definitely check some of the programs you suggested to me,greetings...


    26th Mar 2012 22:30

    I first tested the program in your bid and immediately decided problem.FFCoder works great to convert audio using Nero AAC Codec.It is necessary subsequently downloaded Nero AAC Codec and manually insert it in the bin folder FFCoder-s.The program also uses MKVToolnix to extract audio and later packed into mkv container,excellent...
    I thank you much for your help,greetings
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