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  1. I download a video with has chinese subtitle in it. But i want watch it with engsub (i have the srt). So i want to remove it . I was install MKVtoolnix and do mkvinfo command tThere's (i'm using ubuntu), but there's only two tracks their (audio and video). So i try to use MKVextract-gui2 and MKVtoolnix (run with wine) but i still can't find the subtitles track.

    So how can i removed it? It's really annoying cause i can't watch my engsub clearly.

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  2. If it's hardcoded, you cannot remove it (if it's not a softsub). This means it's permanently part of the video

    You can position your english subs higher or lower on the display with your media player

    Or try to re-encode it to cover up the subs (e.g. put a black box on it so the english soft subs are displayed on the box)
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