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    Hello. I wonder if anyone might know where I'm going wrong. I've just bought a Disgo TVGO and have followed the ( fairly basic ) instructions ) to set it up. After clicking on Autoscan it identifies my wireless router ( AOL) correctly but when I put in my password it just says 'connecting' for a minute or so then the screen displays a large question mark and the words 'wifi timeout'. I know I've typed in the correct password as it's actually on the router and have never had a problem using it to connect other wifi items. I did look at doing a manual setup but it is asking for SSID ( not sure what that is ), a password ( which I imagine is the wifi password ion the router that I used on autoscan and also the Encryption Protocol and I have no idea what that is either ?! I've written twice to Disgo's helpline ( no tech help available via phone ) but they have not replied and I'm stuck ! Not even sure if this is the right forum but I'd appreciate any help. Preferably in quite simple language as I'm not very savvy in these matters. Many thanks, Tess

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    One thread is enough. Reply/bump it if noone answers it after some days.

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